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About Ted's Charities

The Ted Williams Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution. Your tax-deductible contributions to the Museum's endowment are invaluable to ensure the Museum's continued existence, and to provide for its youth programs, and scholarships for deserving student athletes. We also provide assistance to charitable organizations such as the Children's Dream Fund, United Way, the Cancer Society, Policeman's Benevolent Fund, etc.

The Museum carries its message far beyond the priceless collection of Ted Williams memorabilia housed within the confines of the building. Through the Ted Williams Baseball Outreach Foundation, grants are made to youth baseball programs across the country. The Foundation also provides educational scholarships on an annual basis to student athletes who excel in academics, baseball and citizenship. Thus far, 24 scholarships have been awarded to deserving students. The Foundation is dedicated to the concept that baseball can provide the same positive influence to today's youth that it did for the untold millions of kids who followed the game in its early days when young people marveled at the accomplishments of such legends as Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner.
What might be the biggest misunderstanding about the Museum's move to Tropicana Field is that since the museum is in St. Petersburg, all of the proceeds are going there and Citrus County is being ignored and left out. That is a common misconception. "Not only is that not true, but thanks to the move, we are now able to donate more to the charities that meant so much to Ted. And we're doing it at an unprecedented rate like never before," Museum Director Dave McCarthy explained. "For example, we currently have an arrangement where five Citrus County students receive a scholarship for $1,500. Next year, we will be increasing that to $2,000. We are also going to be helping the Crystal River American Legion with their current building project and gave $1,000 in merchandise to the Key Training Center so that they might use it for their auctions."

"In August 2008, we presented the Citrus County Courthouse with a display case filled with Ted's memorabilia," McCarthy said. "The move has allowed us to do so much more and will provide us an avenue and vehicle to do even more for the youth here in Florida and Boston alike. It's part of carrying on the legacy of what Ted wanted this museum to be."


Ted's Charities